About Heppie-de-Peppie

The origin of

Heppie-de-Peppie was developed by iSeleQt during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
The reason was that many employees had to work remotely from home and that there were few face to face consultation moments between employees, temporary and payroll workers with their intermediaries, account managers and supervisors. Freelancers also had less physical contact with their contacts at their clients and intermediaries. The solution was obvious: an easy and quick way for employees to be in touch with their intermediary via a user-friendly app.
The happiness at work app Heppie-de-Peppie was created!

We are now a few years later and the COVID-19 pandemic is fortunately over, it turns out that an automated system for measuring happiness at work and enabling prompt discussion about the well-being of employees has proved its value.

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Hugo Wijtmans

Hugo Wijtmans
Founder of Heppie-de-Peppie

Founder Hugo Wijtmans has been active since 1999 as an independent entrepreneur, trainer, coach and HR advisor, specializing in personal, team and organizational development processes. With a background in education and psychology, complimented by extensive management experience, Hugo combines theory and practice. Therefore the mission of Heppie-de-Peppie is offering practical solutions supporting the well-being of people in their organization.

We believe that every person deserves a happy and prosperous life!
Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between your work happiness and perspective of great career opportunities. When you feel happy at work, you are in general less stressed and get sick less often than your colleagues who are less satisfied with their job.

No matter whether you have a permanent contract or a temporary one, whether you are a temporary worker or a freelancer, you also want to be happy in your work. And we help you with that.

How do we do it?
In this user-friendly app you indicate on a weekly basis how you experience your work. It’s easy and quick, it takes only a few minutes.

This is how
Heppie-de-Peppie works

3 steps to gain insight into your work happiness

Heppie-de-Peppie asks every week
about how you experience your work

You receive direct
feedback and tips regarding your input

Your intermediary
keeps their finger
on the pulse

3 questions about job satisfaction

Every week you receive 3 new questions about your happiness at work in that particular week. On Monday afternoon the questions are available in the app. You have the whole week to answer these. We also send reminders in case you didn’t get to do it. On Sunday is your last chance to fill in the questions, after that they will expire and you will receive 3 new questions on Monday.

The questions concern the following subjects:

  1. How you experience the ability to make progress at work
  2. If you do meaningful work
  3. How much you enjoy your work

Watch and listen here how Heppie-de-Peppie can also support you!