Why would you use Heppie-de-Peppie?

Because you want to contact your intermediary (such as an intercedent or account manager) in an easy and quick way in order to discuss your happiness at work if desired.

After you inform your temporary employment agency/intermediary that you want to use the app, every week you receive 3 new questions in the app related to how you experience your week at work. It takes a few minutes to evaluate these questions using a slider. Moreover, you can see the smileys change color and shape in an amusing way. In order to make it easier for you.

No! Your participation is completely voluntary. We do understand why the organization asks you to participate. Because they like to know about your ups and downs. And they can help you when needed. You can only get better thanks to it!

You can inform your employment/intermediary agency that the app exists and ask them to sign up for it. They can do it via www.iSeleQt.com or by sending a direct mail to werkgeluk@iSeleQt.com.

The app is available in Dutch, English and Polish. If you need another language, please inform your contact person. Together we will look into the possibilities.

First and foremost, the app is there for you! You will receive immediate feedback and tips after you have given a score to the 3 questions. Moreover, you can see in your ‘heppie line’ how you scored in the past 3 weeks. You get a good picture of how you experience happiness at work over a longer period of time.

Your intermediary also has access to your scores so that they can contact you if things are not going well. Isn’t it great that you’re not alone in this!

In principle you can use it as long as the organization has indicated that it will use the system. However the decision is up to you and your contact person (intercedent, account manager). Both you and the organization can decide to put the app (temporarily) on hold. Discuss your wishes with your contact person.

Still have questions?

Ask your question directly to your contact person at your temporary employment agency or recruitment agency.